10 Foods that seem Healthy but aren't | Not so healthy foods.

10 Foods that seem Healthy but aren't | Not so healthy foods.

What are foods that seem healthy but aren t?: Today I'll talk about "10 Foods that seem Healthy but aren't". Manyp people are doing their best to become healthy and stay that way these days. They’re trying to eat right and find the right weight loss methods.

However, they’re being dreadfully misled by some of the foods that are being promoted as healthy when they really aren’t all that good for you. Have a look at the following 10 foods that you’ve probably been told are healthy but really aren’t:

10 Foods that seem healthy but aren't | food to Avoid.

1. Light Salad Dressings

Don’t let this one fool you. If you read the ingredients in light salad dressings you’ll see that they’re loaded with a ton of preservatives and additives as well as sodium and sugar. Avoid these and try balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

2. Fat Free Flavored Yogurt

This has to be healthy, right? Wrong! Being fat free doesn’t make something healthy. Actually, many flavored yogurts contain more than 15 grams of sugar in one little 6 ounce serving. It’s better to get plain, fat free Greek yogurt and add your own flavor with fruit and a bit of honey.

3. Smoothies

For years, smoothies have been promoted as being great healthy replacements for meals. Some of them can be healthy if they’re made with simple ingredients. Others, however, have lots of added sugar and stuff like chocolate syrup or ice cream. To make a healthy smoothie, make it at home and use ingredients you KNOW are healthy.

4. Frozen Diet Meals

You know what these are. Those measured portions of food that you find in the frozen food aisle may seem handy and healthy, but think again. They may not have a ton of calories in them but neither do they have much in the way of nutrition. They’re full of preservatives and too much sodium.

5. Wheat Bread

You’ve probably heard everyone on a diet talk about switching to wheat bread because it’s healthier. Don’t buy into that. If it doesn’t say specifically “100 percent whole wheat” on the package, it’s probably just white bread with a bit of wheat flour thrown in.

6. Diet Soda

These are one of the biggest lies of them all. Diet sodas are far from healthy. They’re made with artificial ingredients and a lot of people tend to eat more after drinking them.

7. Fruit Cocktail

What a perfectly healthy dessert or snack! Wrong again! Most fruit cocktails have sugar based syrup that just drives up the calories without any nutritional value. Just eat a piece of fruit.

8. Frozen Yogurt

This is better than full fat ice cream but it’s still loaded with too much sugar and other bad things.

9. Granola Bars

Whether these have fruit or chocolate chips in them, they’re still pretty high in sugar.

10. Fast Food Salads

While it may seem safe to get a salad at Burger King when all of your friends are getting Whoppers, don’t be lulled into this false sense of security. There are still extras thrown in such as bacon bits, croutons and salad dressing.

Keep these foods in mind the next time you’re trying to eat healthy.

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